What is the difference between Event Managers and Role Managers?

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Event Managers can be full-scale Managers with access to the entire Event, or, Event Managers can be limited by Role(s)/Department(s) and only have partial access/visibility on the Event.

For example, I can be the Event Manager for ONLY the Video Games Department. I can see Video Game Staff, Staff from the general pool (if enabled), and manage the Schedules just for the Video Games Department.


When an Event Manager is limited to Role(s)/Department(s), they can only view, edit, schedule, & communicate with Staff that are part of their Role(s)/Department(s). Additional areas of the Event that do not involve their Role(s)/Department(s) will be hidden. 

This includes:

♦ Recruitment Settings & Event Details

♦ General Event Settings

♦ Venues & Locations

♦ Mobile App Settings

♦ Reports

For example, I only want my Beer Tent Managers to see and schedule the staff that are under the Beer Tent Role, and I don’t want them to see or change other areas of the event.

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